Monday, January 8, 2007

A free DIP template

For the last Digidare I made the LO below. Yes, like everyone else in the digiscrapping world, it was time for a 2006 year in review.

Well, I got quite a few compliments on it, and some people saying they'd like to lift it. So I thought I'd turn it into a template. Since I made the original in DIP, that was easy. I may go into PSE and re-do it, but that'd be quite a lot more work. Right now, I think the only way it might work for you if you don't have DIP, is to use the magic wand for all the parts (and redo all the text yourselves). Yeah, pain in the you-know-what. Sorry!

Download here


Lisa Joy said...

Thank you for turning your layout into a template and sharing.

katg1006 said...

I am unable to use it but wanted to tell you how cool your layout was!! That was sweet of you to turn it into a template!

Gail said...

Love this template - thank you!