Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Check these out!!!

I'm so dang excited about this... I have created some totally amazing new elements that I called Picture Stix. I have this funky photo thing up on a shelf in my dining room. It has a bunch of wires of what look kind of like solder wire, with coils on the ends. You slide photos down in the coils, and have this random bouquet of pictures. So I was looking at it the other day (dust and all, LOL) and thought, "hey, that would be totally cool for my scrapbooks." I searched all over under everything I could think to call it and couldn't find anything close. So I made it. And well, I'm pretty proud of how great they turned out. Whad'ya think??? Oh, they're available at 1HourScrap.com and even on sale right now, for the first couple weeks. Great deal, so run right over, ok?
I gave them to a few of the gals over at twinstuff.com, and they came up with some really great LOs, too! I'll hunt down the links and post pics here later.

I also created what I think is just a lovely spring kit called Bloom (the paper in the above preview is from it, too). It's got lots of texture and detail in the papers and elements. And a really fun, coordinating alpha (maybe my favorite part of the kit!). Here are some previews:It's also at 1HourScrap!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm attempting to post

For the longest time, everytime I'd try to add a new post here, Netscape would just close on me. No warning at all. Grrr! Well, we updated our antivirus and such and other iffy things that were going on with the computer seem to have solved, so maybe this issue has, too. I have some exciting things to post about, but for now let me just put up my most recent LO, using ToniAnne's totally groovy Metal Linky-do's:

Credits can be found at DST.

Now, let's see if this actually works, LOL.