Thursday, July 31, 2008

I crack myself up!

This layout has made me chuckle all day, everytime I look at it or think about it. The photo is from months ago when I happened to catch my kids hanging poor Bob the Builder from the upstairs landing, pulling him up and down like a yo-yo. Today, I was scrapping with the new mini-kit I just made for the Teacher's Pet design challenge at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns. I always start with the photo(s), and create the LO around it. This time I created the LO, and went digging through photos to find one that worked. When I did I laughed out loud because it was so perfect... and just added the thought bubble to the birdie. The kids all laughed and loved it, too. So I figure it's a keeper!

If you want to pick up the kit (and all the other amazing submissions), make sure to sign up for the newsletter to get the password that will unzip them all. Here's mine...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Small town parade

Ok, the only problem with a digital camera, especially one I love as much as mine, is that I take WAY TOO MANY photos!!! This morning we went to our local pioneer parade and I took 121 pictures. Seriously, do I need that many? But how do I choose which ones to get rid of. I think I'll start by taking out all the politicians. Seriously, 1/2 the parade was people who were campaigning for one thing or another. But I didn't really take many pics of them. Of course there was the mayor and a couple of pageant winners. There were alpaca (yes, alpaca), and cute kids walking their goats, the local grocery store (well, the store didn't actually come, just a giant shopping cart) and lots of fire trucks. We had oodles of vintage cars, scouts, motorcycles and the library even had a presence. Everyone was throwing candy (even the alpaca people) that the kids collected in buckets they were given at the beginning of the parade. We got more candy than on Halloween! But best of all, was Sage with the cheerleaders. What a cutie! And she did a great job! I was impressed by all the girls, especially given that they only had a couple hours of practice. So I don't think I can get rid of many photos... except for maybe a couple of blurry ones. That's ok, I also got some great photos and ideas for new scrapkits. So we'll just call it research and chalk the harddrive space up to a business expense, LOL. Here are a few photos (with local info blurred out)...

Nothing too exciting, just a small town waiting for the parade to start.I told you there were alpaca...Sage cheering...Sage squinting in the sun, but still looking cute...
My little ones w/ flags...
I know I keep busy with designing, but I don't scrap as much as I really want to when I don't have deadlines pushing me. I happened to see a great call for Designs by Sine and since I love templates and hers are fabulous, I thought it was the perfect fit for me. Hopefully she thinks I'm a fit for her, LOL. It's been a long time since I've been on anyone's CT (other than my own). Regardless, I love her templates and the 2 LOs I've created with them (click images for credits).This is a 2 page LO celebrating my baby brother graduating from Medical school!!!And lastly, one of my favorite LOs I've ever done. It just makes me grin and shows the joy and light that Adam brings to our family. Boy does he love his daddy!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm having a CT call!

Yep, I decided it was time to expand a bit. My CT now are fabulous, FABULOUS gals, but there's not very many of them. So without further ado, here's the ad with all the gory details, LOL...

And since that shows up kind of small, I suppose it would be a good idea to retype it, even after all the fun of creating the ad :)

My terms are pretty easy...
* At least 2 LOs/month
* You can mix and match my kits
* Post at DST, Digital Freebies,
and another site of your choice
* Promote my designs when you have
the opportunity
* Be friendly and fun!

That’s it! If you’re interested, send
an email to
Include a link to your best gallery, what
other CTs you’re on, and your favorite
kit of mine and why.

Deadline July 23rd

(Font used in call ad is DJB Sissy.)

Monday, July 7, 2008


Oh my goodness, I LOVED it!!! We went for a family reunion. I was so inspired by the gorgeous scenery, amazing animals and groovy geothermic activity. I seriously took over a thousand photos, which now I need to weed through, scrap and such. I mean really, how many pictures of bison do I need? On the drive there, early in the pre-dawn I was driving while everyone else slept. I got brainstorming and didn't want to wake anyone up, so I grabbed a pen and pad of paper and jotted down designing ideas while I drove. Ok, not the safest, I suppose. But it was 4:30 am and there was NO ONE else on the road in eastern Oregon. On the way back, my DH was driving and was so sweet to stop and let me take photos of things for scrapping and designing. He even suggested a number of things for kits! I've done a couple of LOs, have a few more in process and imagine that Yellowstone will keep me busy scrapping and designing for awhile.
Here's what I have finished so far (click the images for credits)...

Oh and on top of that, I released a kit right before I left that I never popped on here. So let me post that, too! It's the one I used for the first LO above. Comes in individual paper, element and alpha packs or as a full kit (save $!). Clicking images will take you to the items at Digital Freebies.

Thanks for checking it all out!!