Monday, April 11, 2011

Dolly siblings

Spencer was so cute loving on my first doll, I just had to make him one of his own. I finished "baby" (that's as original a name as he has come up with... not bad for only 23 months old, I guess) last week, but for awhile all he had was a hat. I figured some modesty was in order, so today I sewed him some clothes. What a pain in the patooty! Serging and doing a coverstitch (on my regular sewing machine) in those skinny little arms surely tested my patience. And while I was mumbling under my breath about how tiny they were, it turned out to be big and baggy on Baby. Oh well, it's his style, I guess, and goes with the baggy jeans I made him. Baby's hat is sewn on, which seemed like the best idea for Spencer. I really love his hair peeking out from under it.

It's really cute to see Spencer hugging and kissing his doll, making Daddy hug the doll and pointing out various body parts (but no, it's not anatomically correct, haha).

Since he had his first photo shoot today, I figured he needed some with his "big sister." So here's the two of them together...
And a closeup of the two cuties...She just didn't want to look at the camera.