Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New photos of my gorgeous kiddos

A few years ago, I had some professional photos taken of my children. I blew them up in black and white and have them each in a simple black frame, all in a row in a hallway. I love them and people comment on them all the time. But alas, my children are growing up. And there are now 6 of them, instead of 5. So I need to find a matching frame for Spencer. And I took some new photos of them. It's rained for weeks. But we finally had some decent weather the other day. I hauled them all out, in about 50 degree weather, sans coats. Oh, the horrid things we do for our children, for the sake of photography. My mom sort of scolded me when I told her. But she cried when she saw the photos. And it was only for about 15 minutes. So I guess it was all worth it. I love them, but what do you think?

IMG_8526.jpg picture by Dielledl

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Business is building!

It may not seem like a lot, but I've had 3 sales off Etsy, then sold a few more around town. My dentist ordered one, for instance. And I made business cards and have gotten more confident in talking about my business. I'm not good at self-promotion. Even with my digi designs, it's a weakness of mine. With my carseat covers, it helps to have my super cutie, Spencer. He's an icebreaker. People stop to talk to me all the time because of him, then comment on his carseat cover. "Thanks," I say now. "I make and sell them." It's usually enough of an opening for people to ask me more about them, and sometimes enough to give them a business card. This lousy weather is in my favor, too. They see how cozy he is even though it's a rainy, blustery day. With any luck, this will help business to really blossom soon. Here's my latest one (identical to the one I have on Spencer). And I have 4 more in various stages of progress... red, bright orange, and 2 pink.
Green fleece and flannel carseat cover