Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Making Applesauce

Guess from the title, what my newest kit was inspired by? Just in case, here are a few pics to show you...
IMG_1150.jpg picture by Dielledl

IMG_1147.jpg picture by Dielledl

IMG_1166.jpg picture by Dielledl

IMG_1237.jpg picture by Dielledl

IMG_1254.jpg picture by Dielledl

So 80+ jars later, here's my newest kit:

Dielle_MakingApplesauce_Prev.jpg picture by Dielledl

Dielle_MakingApplesauce_AlphaPrev.jpg picture by Dielledl

Dielle_MakingApplesauce_PaperPrev.jpg picture by Dielledl

Dielle_MakingApplesauce_ElementsPrev.jpg picture by Dielledl

Isn't it fun???

Check back next week. As part of Trick or Treating at IL, I'll have a freebie that goes with the kit that you'll be able to hunt for and find (along with treats from a lot of the other designers).

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true!

I can't see a "bicycle built for two" without thinking of this song.
And the response verse of this old song has always made me laugh.
I'm not sure why, but I've thought it was funny since I was a little girl.

Harry, Harry, here is your answer true.
I won't marry such as the likes of you.
It won't be a stylish marriage
And I shall have a carriage.
You won't find me upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two.

Silly, I know.

Daisies are my favorite flower though, hands down.
And after coming round a corner on the way to town and finding the most beautiful sight of daisies almost as far as my eyes could see, I stopped for LOTS of photos and started on this kit. I hope you love it as much as I do. (Notice the bicycle?)

Daisy Daisy

Here are the fun papers...

Daisy Daisy Papers

And the little alpha (part of the kit, or like the papers, also available individually)...

Daisy Stripes Alpha

And a few LOs to spark your imagination...
Field-of-Daisies-web.jpg picture by Dielledl

MelissaLO.jpg picture by Dielledl

Daisy-Chain-web.jpg picture by Dielledl

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fly Away & Bumbershoot &Into the Woods

But I probably wouldn't fly away into the woods on a bumbershoot.

It's abundantly clear that I'm a horrible blogger. But I really have started a number of posts since April and either something came up, or blogger glitched and I got frustrated.

So here are a few things that I've done since April...
Bumbershoot (another word for umbrella) came about because we had a rainy spring that seemed to last forever, and I needed something to cheer myself up. I especially love the frog, I just had so much fun drawing him!

Dielle_Bumbershoot_Prev.jpg picture by Dielledl

The papers...
Dielle_Bumbershoot_PaperPrev.jpg picture by Dielledl

And a little inspiration...

baseball-in-the-rain-web.jpg picture by Dielledl PUDDLE-JUMP-.jpg picture by Dielledl

Puddle_Jump.jpg picture by Dielledl Ella_twistagain3_copy.jpg picture by Dielledl

Dielle_Bumbershoot_PaperRain_copy.jpg picture by Dielledl Dielle_Bumbershoot_play_copy.jpg picture by Dielledl

Fly Away started as a mini kit for Inspiration Lane's daily download. But I loved the colors and decided to make it a full kit...
Dielle_FlyAway_Prev.jpg picture by Dielledl

The papers...
Dielle_FlyAway_PaperPrev.jpg picture by Dielledl

And a fewLOs done with it...
Fly-to-NY-web.jpg picture by Dielledl Fly-to-NY2-web.jpg picture by Dielledl

cristian-and-vivian-and-caf-091507.jpg picture by Dielledl FlyAway-sm.jpg picture by Dielledl

I also re-released Spangled, one of my favorite kits. I went through it with a fine-toothed comb for quality control, took out a few dated elements and papers that weren't up to par and added some new, great ones. I hope you love it as much as I do...
Dielle_Spangled_Prev-2.jpg picture by Dielledl

The papers...
Dielle_Spangled_PaperPrev-2.jpg picture by Dielledl

And the best-selling alpha...
Dielle_Spangled_AlphaPrev.jpg picture by Dielledl

A little inspiration...
best-cousins-web-1.jpg picture by Dielledl Swish-sm.jpg picture by Dielledl

boys-small.jpg picture by Dielledl

And now the sneak peek, and a special code for you...
This is "Into the Woods," inspired by our recent family reunion. I am absolutely in love with it! It releases on Saturday at Inspiration Lane.
Dielle_IntoTheWoods_Prev.jpg picture by Dielledl

The papers...
Dielle_IntoTheWoods_PaperPrev.jpg picture by Dielledl

Another peek at the papers...
paperprev2.jpg picture by Dielledl

And finally, the code for you... DielleIs39. Yep, I'm not just saying that to hide my age, I really am turning that old this month. So that code is good for, you guessed it, 39% off everything in my store, through the month of August. I hope you find something you really love, to scrap your art and memories! Enjoy!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Flittery steps... er, I mean Flittery and First Steps

I have a new kit out, called Flittery. See those fabulous, painted butterflies? Sage painted them. Then I scanned them in and based the kit around them. I love how it turned out!!! You can get it in individual paper, element and alpha packs, or as a combined kit (to save $!). Oh, and check out a few great layouts created with it. And today, in honor of the fact that my baby boy took his very first steps yesterday, I'm handing out a coupon code for 30% off (use it on anything in my store). Code is FlitterySteps, good through Monday.
Dielle_Flittery_Prev-1.jpg picture by Dielledl

Dielle_Flittery_PaperPrev.jpg picture by Dielledl

Dielle_Flittery_AlphaPrev.jpg picture by Dielledl
And my cutie...
1st-steps-b-sm.jpg picture by Dielledl

1st-steps-c-sm.jpg picture by Dielledl

1st-steps-sm.jpg picture by Dielledl

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coming soon...

Become a fan of mine on Facebook, and you could win it before it's even out in stores. I'll randomly pick a winner, this weekend.

Out for a Drive

Do you have a zillion photos of road trips, go kart races or your children's Hotwheels? Bright and playful, here's the perfect kit for you! I actually released this last week, but that same day one of my 4 year olds dumped water on my router, screwing things up with my ability to get online. So it's a tad delayed. Since I didn't post about it in time to get it at the new release price, here's a coupon code to pick it up for 40% off. DriveAway40 Grab it quick, the code is good until Saturday night.

And the included alpha:

Here are a few layouts done with it. Aren't they fun?





agrievingmommy_08cartoonspi.jpg picture by Dielledl

agrievingmommy_10_08autopia.jpg picture by Dielledl