Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm in love

It's been awhile coming on. And honestly, you might think I was a bit old for this kind of love affair. I stumbled onto Waldorf dolls years ago, thinking they were darling but not putting much more thought into it. About a year ago, I found them again and fell madly in love. I started following doll makers on FB, hearting them on Etsy and reading everything I could find about making them. Supplies aren't exactly inexpensive, though. They're made with all natural supplies, lovely cotton skin, beautiful wool inside, wonderful wool yarn for hair. I bought a book a couple of months ago, Making Waldorf Dolls, and read through it a couple of times.

My favorite dolls are the larger limbed ones. Each doll maker does them a little differently, but they have similar aspects to them. Sage has latched onto my new little obsession and wanted to make one, too. So we decided to make this part of her schooling... feed the obsession, learn some skills, win-win situation. We bought enough for both of us to make dolls, and a little left over. I thought I might want to make more than one (yeah, I was right). I've been working on this little darling on and off for a couple of weeks. I've taken it slow, wanting to get it right. I also made a few mistakes and took things out. And when I was at the kids swim lessons or my fingers were tired from tiny needles, I'd grab my knitting needles and have made 3 or 4 doll sweaters.

***Little aside here, wool yarn is NOT cheap. I found some fun stuff on clearance at, but needed more. Have I mentioned that this might be turning into a slight obsession? So I went to Goodwill and found 4 or 5 wool sweaters which I've been taking apart. Bonus! The day I went all sweaters were 50% off. So I paid about $15 for probably $200 worth of yarn or more. It is a bit of a sneezy, eye-itching job to take them apart, but I figure it's well worth my time.***

As I've been working on her, Spencer has fallen in love, too. He hugs her and kisses her, it's pretty adorable. He's not as thrilled with her now that she has long hair, though. I'm thinking I need to make him a little boy version. And Sabrina is completely smitten with my sweet dolly, she carried her around all day yesterday.

I finally finished her. She's not perfect, I'm not exactly thrilled with her neck and her arms are a little on the long side. But then again, she has personality and she gives really good hugs. She has a sweet little sweater I knit mostly from this sweet pattern, and a frilly little skirt I just made up. She could use a blouse under the sweater and maybe some undies and shoes. But I couldn't wait to take her on a little photo shoot! After all that, you wanna see? I know you do! Here you go...

Tada! (She does still need a name. Any suggestions? Fred calls her Hippy Baby because she has pink hair.)And in case you wondered, dolly #2 is well underway... with a head made, face embroidered, and arms, belly and legs sewn and stuffed. Now I just need to put it together and decide if it'll be a boy or girl baby.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm awesome, Leah says so!

After I decided to quit designing, I was looking forward to being on Inspiration Lane's site CT. But Jen decided to close up shop suddenly, and I suddenly had no digi "home" so to speak. I started doing challenges at Catscrap and SugarHill Co. (a fairly new-to-me shop with some fabulous designers). Then a couple of weeks ago I was super excited to see that Leah Riordan was designing there and was forming a new CT. She took a break from designing and is back again. I have liked her designs forever! This cute LO I did 4 years ago was with a super cute kit from her (don't laugh at my shadowing or anything, it was FOUR years ago)...

So anyway, OF COURSE I applied to her call. And YIPPEE, she picked me!!! One of the basic requirements, in addition to that normal stuff of scrapping pages with her fabulous designs, is to daily recite the mantra, I am awesome. So there, one thing to check off on my daily to-do list. I'm awesome, Leah says so.

Here's my first LO with her rockin' , new kit Rockabilly,


about my equally awesome sweetheart...