Sunday, October 2, 2011

A little ketchup... er, catch up

Do you remember when it used to be spelled Catsup? Ok, word nerd that I am I had to go look it up. It started as ketchup, got screwed up by Jonathan Swift and others and has since sort of come back to being ketchup. And want to know something else weird? It didn't start out being tomato based. "It was more usual to base the condiment on mushrooms, or sometimes walnuts." Ew! Mushroom ketchup. Ew!

Ok, all that from me just being silly. But on to my main point.

I like doing the zentangle challenges, but don't always do them when she posts them. And even if I do, I don't necessarily get them scanned. So here are a few...

This is actually this last week's challenge #41. I don't totally love it, but actually like it more than I thought I would. I did it yesterday while my children and I gathered around the computer in the dining room to watch General Conference. I love General Conference weekend twice/year! And it sounds a little funny, but sitting doing the challenge helps keep my mind from wandering, or from focusing on irrelevant things about how someone is dressed or what the flowers look like or whatever. Thanks Diva!This is from challenge 38 a few weeks ago, one I did then but didn't get scanned. It's one of my very favorites that I've done!And here's another I had in my little notebook that I rather like.
And just in case someone wondered, I have those quilt tops I was moaning a little about almost done. And I have Sydney's Edith hat for Halloween almost finished (it was the other thing I worked on during Conference yesterday). Now I just have to wrap those up and do Adam's Gru scarf and I can get back to dolls without any guilt. Yay!!!