Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quickest clothing I've ever sewn!

I bought this tiered denim skirt last year and have hardly worn it. It was just too long, dusting the tops of my toes. Back in my svelter days, that look was ok. Now, it's horrid. So last Sunday, I ran upstairs before church and serged off the bottom ruffle/tier. Then quickly folded over & sewed that serged edge and the skirt was perfect. Please ignore the fact that I'm desperately in need of a pedicure...

skirt.jpg picture by Dielledl
No, that's not what the title is about.

So yesterday, I was up there to iron shirts before my children's piano recital (Sage, Trey and Adam were all amazing, btw!!!) and saw that ruffle just lying in a heap on my tracing/cutting table. I pulled out some cute fabric and hollered for Sabrina. I held it up to her to find a decent length, snipped and tore a strip. Then I wrapped it around for a measurement (using that word very loosely, because I didn't really measure anything), snipped and tore crosswise to make a rectangle. Then I did the same for Sydney (though twins, they're vastly different sizes). Because I'd serged the ruffle off above the seam, it was still nicely gathered. I pinned to a rectangle and serged it together just above that previously sewn hem, cutting it off in the process to remove bulk. Flipped it and topstitched. Serged the top edge and side seam, folded over a casing and quickly ran elastic through. Tada! Two skirts made in less than 20 minutes. They wore them last night and again today to church.
Girlsinnewskirts.jpg picture by Dielledl
The funny part was after getting dressed in the matching skirts and matching white tops, they were standing together admiring their new skirts. Sydney pointed down at them and said, "Look Mom, we're twins!" LOL!


Vicki said...

super cute! I love what Sydney said!