Saturday, April 5, 2008

... sort of. I've been working on the most fun kit! I can't get over how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's going to be the May Club kit at Digital Freebies. I'm coordinating with Melanie of Melanie Ann Designs. She came up with the most fab, bright, happy boy colors and it has really sparked my imagination. I've got a bunch of hand drawn elements, great papers and I can't believe I have to wait for MAY to release it... which unfortunately means you have to wait until May, too. :( You'll love it though, totally worth the wait, I promise!

Ok, on to a few recent LOs (Yes, all for the ADSR!) ...

#8 was pretty easy. Our favorite trip w/ three black and white photos. I think those were the only requirements. They said you could also scrap a dream vacation, so that's what I chose to do.

#10 is my favorite LO from the race (and I actually quite like most of them). My favorite I've done in a long time. We had to use 50 elements from at least 10 designers. And scrap about our goals in life and how to get there. Normally I would have stopped at about 25 elements. In fact, right about then, I was thinking, "How on earth am I going to double how many things I have on here and not have it look ridiculous?" But I'm so pleased I pushed on and it turned out as beautifully as it did.
#9 was kind of a nebulous challenge. Altered art. That's it, no directions beside that. It was sure interesting to see some of the different ways people interpreted that! I used an action by Jenn (one of my fab CT members) for the photo, then blended it w/ some sheet music. Blended a bunch of things for the background and layered some things on. Not my normal style of LO, but I like how it turned out.

#11 required wings. That was the only requirement... wings. I think lots of people did those mystical type with wings on a baby or child and lots of sparkle. But that's not really me. So I went with the butterflies. Hey, it worked.
Ok, I might be the very last person to actually do the bonus LO. I think most people jumped on it a month ago. Oh well, if you haven't noticed already, procrastinating is one of the things I do best. But I work well under pressure!
Well, that's it. ADSR is done. Seems odd, since I've spent so much time on it for 6 weeks now. Oh, I didn't have to do #12. I just supplied the photo and journaling and Marieta scrapped it (she doesn't like journaling and I LOVE it, so this was the best option for us. Our odds are slim of winning the grand prize, but it was a fun time, the prizes along the way were wonderful and I'm truly happy with almost all of the LOs I created for the race. There are a couple (I'm not telling which ones) that I turned into QPs for me to use later with different photos and journaling, since they're not subjects I particularly cared for. But it was all a great adventure and I can't wait for the next one.


Juliana said...

Great layouts!
I worked on the QP's for Angela Sharrow's part of the April kit at Digital Freebies, and it was hard to wait even for that. I only had to wait a week!
Can't wait to see that May kit!

Unknown said...

fantastic layouts. i love the one with the 50 elements. I would have had a heart atttack with that challenge! i struggle big time with that cluttered sort of style.

Karen L said...

Wow - what a find. Love your work. Looking forward to coming back and visiting your blog again.

All That Chit Chat said...

Beautiful work. I love the "There is only one happiness" The plants and flowers are gorgeous!

Michelle said...

beautiful layouts.